Repair verification inspections as part of a buyers due diligence

Due diligence and repair verification inspections.


If the seller has agreed to have some items fixed that were found during the initial home inspection, I always recommend double-checking any reported repairs by having your inspector perform a repair verification inspection as part of your due diligence process. You are required to perform your due diligence and the phrase “trust but verify” certainly applies here, especially if it was an expensive fix or a safety-related item. I have found on a few occasions some things that were not repaired properly, and sometimes the seller isn’t even aware of that fact.

What is a repair verification inspection

A repair verification inspection entails a second visit to the property by your inspector to assess the condition of items that the seller has agreed to have fixed. Your inspector will compare what he/she sees after the repair to what was present at the first inspection and then determine if the defect has been properly resolved.

After your home inspection has been completed and the report published, you will need to get together with your real estate agent and decide how you want to proceed. I strongly advise following your agent’s recommendations here, they are the experts when it comes to this stuff and they have your best interest in mind.


What should I have double-checked

After work has been completed, some items that need to be verified are mold remediation, sewer repairs, and electrical repairs, among others. Suppose mold was found during the initial inspection and subsequently remediated by a mold remediation contractor. In that case,  you must have the affected area tested again for the presence of mold to verify the effectiveness of the treatment. Two more big-ticket items that you will want to have verified are sewer line repairs and electrical work. Both often require special equipment to be used like a sewer scope camera or electrical outlet testers in order to inspect any repairs properly. 

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