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Beyond the Surface: The Significance of Sewer Scope Inspections in CA Properties

In the landscapes of Orange County and Los Angeles, where neighborhoods blend historical charm with modern amenities, homeowners face a unique set of challenges, particularly the hidden infrastructure beneath their properties. One aspect often overlooked is the health of sewer lines. In this blog, we dive into the significance of sewer scope inspections, shedding light […]

Uncovering Common Defects in New Construction

The attraction of a brand-new home often captivates prospective buyers with promises of modernity and flawlessness. However, the reality is that even new constructions can have issues that may sneak past the untrained eye. In regions like Orange County and Los Angeles County, where new developments pop up regularly, understanding the common defects in new […]

Roof inspections after a storm

After the Storm: The Vital Role of Roof Inspections When a powerful storm passes through, one of the most vulnerable parts of your home is your roof. Heavy rains, strong winds, and even hail can take a toll on its structural integrity. After the storm subsides, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough roof inspection to […]

Top Five pre-listing tips for 2022

Get a pre-listing inspection.  A pre-listing inspection by a certified home inspector is designed to catch everything the buyer’s inspector will be looking for, and I highly recommend you get one before you sell your home. In bringing in your own inspector before listing your home for sale, you can learn about the condition of […]

Foundation Cracks in Raised Foundations

  Why do foundations crack?   In our local area, we have a lot of older homes that were built upon a poured concrete raised foundation, and finding foundation cracks is a common occurrence. These older foundations crack primarily because of moisture sitting at the foundation over a long period of time. Most foundation movement […]

Benefits of ERMI testing

ERMI testing is a DNA test method developed by the EPA to determine the relative mold burden of home in the United States. ERMI stands for Environmental Relative Moldiness index. The EPA surveyed 1,079 home across the United States for 36 different types of mold and analyzed the mold burden of those homes with the […]